Denzel Crocker

Denzel Crocker is the teacher of Timmy Turner, as well as his friends, A.J. and Chester. Mr. Crocker is obsessesed with fairies, and has suspected that Timmy's had at least one for years. Unfortunately, for Crocker, Timmy is always able to trick him. There was one episode where we learned how Crocker came to know fairies exist. He had been just a kid, and had his own fairy godparents, who were Cosmo and Wanda themselve

When he exposed that fairies existed, his memory had to be erased. But before his memory could be cleaned, he wrote "Fairies Do Exist" on the back of a walkie-talkie.

His memory had to be erased so much, it affected his body. Right after his memory had been wiped, his ears moved down to his neck, and he got a hunched back. Timmy's Mom and Dad, Tim and Rebecca, both said that he was gorgeous in one episode, but I, personally, don't think that's true.

He is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.